J-rabbit (제이레빗)

J rabbit

J rabbit

Started from a hobby of watching Korean dramas and my never ending love for Yoo Seung Ho’s acting, around mid of 2012 i watched his drama titled Operation Proposal. When i watched the drama, there is one OST (original soundtrack) that caught my ears. Its a ballad song that always being played whenever Ham yi seul was crying over Kang baek ho. Im freaking in love with it, because to be very honest I LOVE korean ballad song the most. You can hear the song below…

I start to search about the singer, and its a bit difficult to find their profile. J Rabbit is women duo. One girl is playing all the instruments named Jung Da Woon and the other girl is singing named Jung Hye Sun and her voice is amazing! J Rabbit is an indies Korean acoustic pop female duo that debuted in 2010 under friendz.net.

At first they just made a cover for some Indie songs or remix their own songs, such as The Beatles and Mocca, but eventually in 2011 they made a debut album titled It’s Spring, contains 12 tracks and almost all of their own creation. Successful first album, and got pretty good sales on iTunes. They also cover Disney songs. Well, in 2012 they finally put out a second album, Looking Around contains 11 tracks (one instrumental) and 1 cover song. They also took part in sing the original soundtrack for some TVn’s drama such as Operation proposal, Flower boy next door and the latest is Monstar.

In their album, it’s not all about love songs, (actually love songs is about 1 or 2.) and the rest of songs are mainly about life. Jung da woon’s instrumental skill is NO JOKE. She’s a genius. Thumbs up for her musical ability !!!!! She can plays guitar, piano, saxophone, violin, etc. Meanwhile Jung hye sun’s voice is just really…. i cant put a word to describe it. The timbre of the vocal is so clean, refreshing and amazing. The song itself is beautiful but her vocal makes the whole album so special. Moreover, the songs which is written by themselves  are very catchy and easy-listen for all age groups. We like being shown around the world of fantasy that go up and down, every song have their own uniqueness .

I picked my fav 3 songs from J.Rabbit Album. When I was really down about my life, these songs really cheered me up and helped me stay positive and hope for a brighter life.

#1 Happy things


And the third one is my favourite ballad song titled Frozen Smile that really make me saaaddddd :c

And their latest song which i mentioned before, its a part of monstar’s OST

Well.. that is my super short review about J-rabbit. You can see all their videos at their youtube channel here  .I highly reccomended their songs to you all if you like listen to the song which is have an accoustic type like Mocca. With quality like that anyway, they should actually try to go international. Well, we’ll see the continuation of this duo ya. I will continue to support them always !!!! 😀


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