Happy 19th Birthday… me!!


Alhamdulillah. Today I officially turned 19. What’s special about  being 19 years old? Nothing, except the fact during the past few years, I’ve learned a lot. Well, I’m not the one who usually makes my birthday as a big deal. Today is just lie the other day. Believe it or not, I’ve never blew a candle on the top of a birthday-cake nor gathered with family and friends to celebrate my birthday. However, I’d like to mark this day as a self-reflection day. I want to stop for a moment just to see what I have been through, to evaluate many mistakes and missteps I have done, to give a self-reward for every accomplishment I could reach so far, to thank all the people who cross my life, as well to thank God for the uncountable blessings He gives me

As I’m looking back theres always time when i realized growing up is sucks. Everythings are getting harder and harder everyday. I realize that as I’m getting one year older, I have to be better, not than anyone else, but than who I am in the past few years. I did make mistakes and missteps, but I will not be who I am today without it.

I’m fully aware that being 19 means it’s my last year for being a teenager. Next year i will turn 20 and hit my twenties………. Time to play around is nearly over. I have to be maturer and more serious in arranging my future-plan. I know im still lack in many things, i want to be a better person and I promise i will work hard learn how to be more responsible 🙂 For this past 19 years, i want to thank all the people arounds me, to those who loves me, and those whom i really loves.

Thanks to my family that I could not live without, especially for my Dad who has worked hard for us and always watching over me from behind, please stay healthy. For Mom who expressed her love every day with all the nagging. To my sister, stop doing things that useless and go finish your thesis please -_____-!! For 2 of my little brothers who are always troublesome, please hurry grow up and be a good man.

Thanks also to my besties who have been a part in my teenage years, and are still with me to this day. Puput who has been friends with me since our 1st year of junior high school, I cant believe we have been friends for 8 years??? Nana, Indira, Nisa and Mb Mar which we begin being close in the first year of high school, thanks for all the craziness so that i wont forget all of our memories in high school . Hana and Idjum who always very kind, cant wait for the day when we become teachers LOL!! Moli and Upil who always very busy, Mbelek who is very humble …Tink who is rarely seen, dont you miss us? Thanks to all of you who have made the color of my teenage years, accept me the way i am and endure with all my bad side. Thank you for always by my side until now. Although I’m a bit sad because these days we are too busy and rarely have quality time together just to meet up and chat. True friends never leave you and never forget you no matter what happens and no matter how long we didn’t meet each other. Let’s be friends forever until we graduate college, get married, have children and become grandmothers!!!!

And also thanks for Caca, Icha and Lina who have by my side in this past 2 years. Although we always bickering each other, i cant imagine how boring my college life without you guys LOL. Lets graduate together, becomes a cool teacher and remains as best friend forever.

And last but not least to all my fellow fangirl friends LOL. Kak linda, cica, ika, nisa, riva, nieda, cynthia, sistha, erica, vita, kiki, and the others who are on my following list that i couldnt mention one by one. Thank you for all the updates and spazz everyday on my timeline. I couldnt miss you all from being a part of my teenage years. People judges i just waste my times for being a fan, but i dont regret it at all. I’m having so muchhhh fuunn until now. Hope we can move on soon though (?)

Thanks God for giving me a chance to meet those wonderful people along my journey. Sometimes I feel like I have no one to talk to. Yet whenever I remember all of them, I suddenly realize that I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by great people :)

In this last paragraph, I’d like to thank all of the people who wished me on my birthday through morning calls, texts, facebook walls, twitter mentions, etc. Thanks for the sincerity, or even if its just a part of being polite. I’ve tried my best to personally replying all of the messages one by one. I do hope that all of the wishes can be reflected to those who prayed :)


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