#Random How to be happy………………. in one sided love

My first post in 4 months. so random. i dont know why i wrote this. I thought by confessing is the only way to end an one sided love, but in reality  it didnt work,yet it still continues… Dont mind me… here they are…

Define your love : Love doesn’t mean dating, outing or watching movies with your love. Love means caring your love buddy directly or indirectly, with a sufficient ammount.

Care your own feeling : Clearly understand that only you are having romantic affection so stop getting emotionally disturb and stupidly annoyed. This may leads to depression, low self-esteem, anxiety , lack of confidence. Keep make yourself busy with other things and dont feel deppend on him. Standing on your feet is a must!

Be happy and enjoy the movement : Stay calm and happy as you are having pure and holy romantic affection though next person not aware of it. This feels good when you realize you can be romantic. HAHAHA OR NOT.   Being a good friend with your crush may keep 50 % chance to end up with him in the future LOL.

Being single is better : Learn from those who suffered in relationship. A good (?) one-sided-love is better than break-ups, long distance relationship, full of fight relationship, being a mistress, etc. Build your own positive mindset 😀

Do not get a crush ever : Last tip to avoid one sided love…They call it a crush cause it crushes your soul and everything you stand for


Currently learning to apply this tips for my own and it works!!!So… everyone with one sided love be happy, and Good Luck !!


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