SE 2011 Goes to Dieng !

SE 2011 :)

Complete family!

The only things that remains from a trip is a picture… with memories! 🙂

5th December 2013, we had a field study trip to Dieng Plateau  for Entrepreneurship subject. And of course we visited some sights such as Telaga Warna, Kawah Sikedang and Candi Arjuna. It kinda reminds me to 8 years ago when i was a freshman in junior high school, all the entire freshman had a study trip to Dieng too. The place is still as beautiful as the time back then.

When I arrived in the valley of Dieng, I just knew a great day was awaiting me. The plateau is located at 2000 meters above sea level and even the ride there, on a bus from Wonosobo, on sometimes rather narrow roads is already picturesque. The plateau itself boasts magnificent views. Since Java is densely populated, every square meter of land is utilised, mainly for the cultivation of quality vegetables. Some photos are still on my friend’s, you guys should visit Dieng and you wont regret it. Trust me, the scenery is no joke 🙂

Camera 360

Camera 360


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