Welcome, February !

Hollaaaaaa, happy lunar new year everyone, may all good fortunes comes in this horse year! This is my first post in 2014, a month had passed already, sorry for abandoning you T___T @/dear myblog

So how’s everyone??

I started this year with final exam, the result has already out (DON’T ASK ABOUT MY GPA) so now im currently enjoying my holiday which just has less than 2 weeks left *sad sad*

February means college life will start soon on the 10th. The realization that I’m currently on my third year of college hasn’t hit me yet, I was only come to realize when I was told to pick the school im going to have my internship (KKN/PPL). I had seen the schedule for the next term, it was pretty crowded with 7 a.m – 3 p.m classes every Monday to Friday ( CAN YOU FEEL MEEE) . There are some scary and difficult classes I have to attend such as Byochemistry, Byophysic, and also Microteaching. Agghhhh it will be a very busy and important term, I’m so ready to break a leg!!!

Enough for the rants. A few weeks ago I read @shitliciousblogpost about something called dream note. Basically he told us about the importance of detailed hope/dream. By having a hope, we will know what we need to do. By having a hope we’ll know which way we should proceed. By having hope, we will have fighting spirit to leave our bed soon every morning.

If even now, we still dont have a visualization yet in the next 10 years what will we become and where will we at, how can we start to fight for it?

You can read the full post here

It was very inspiring so I decided to make one HEHEHE. I wrote things like what kind of person I will had become, what I will had done for my family’s happiness, what I will had achieved in the next 10 years by my own hardwork. I put some picture too, such as a house I will be staying with my family, a car, a beautiful view of foreign country that I will have visited, a beautiful pearl aqua green ocean, etc. It kind of silly though. But just like as Alit said, I hope it will motivate me to achieve all those dreams. So the corner of my room has a little change, like this..



And, look what did I just write………


Recently the talks about thesis has been brought up continuously among my friends.


Why did I pick the dateline to be December?? Because im afraid if I cant finish it on time tbh, just by lookin at my sister who is taking so lonnggg time still on progress and hasn’t graduate till now -_____-

We won’t know what will going happen right so I decided to make it neither early nor late dates. Anyway just hope everything is gonna be fine, and always pray to the Lord, Allah SWT.



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