Welcoming the new term !!!!!!!!!!

So today is the first day of college, welcoming the 6th term with a big smile with Lina

Semester 6 oiii

Semester 6 oiii

we had 3 classess from 7 a.m till 3 p.m but of course fortunately it was still a beginning part so the lecturer only gave some description about the subjects. But the saddest part, today I, caca,Lina and laras was searching for information at the laboratory because we are the only left who haven’t take a part yet as a lab assistant. So we walked from D.07 fmipa building to Physic Lab, Chemistry Lab and then took the stairs to Science Lab and then back to D.07 3rd floor again and with no result, every classes has been taken by others so there’s no class left and the class that need an assistant is collided with our own class. I counted it so i took the stairs for 16 floor in total *sigh*. And my body is so soreeeeeeee right now

And also i wanna introduce my new babies

my new babies

my new babies

i bought 3 wedges last week, i dont know why i love wedges so much i prefer to buy wedges than clothes. And here is my favourite bcs i bought it from a garage sale at Gd. Wanitatama for only 50.000 IDR.


So the owner was selling it bcs it was too big for her, and the moment she told me it was a freaking 50k IDR i bought it immediately and fortunately the size is 37, its a fate :3



Isnt it cute?? LOL selfpraising.


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