I have been unfriend-ing some “friends” in my facebook acc, bcs they keep  bragging about their achievements in every single status updates.

There is a girl who uploaded  screencap of her 3,91 GPA result, and then there is another girl who uploaded a photo of her things to do in upcoming year which included more than 3,94 GPA. I wonder how did they end up with that GPA.

There is a boy who always shares his achievement like he just got back from overseas, he had done this, he will do this, etc. And there is another girl who happily showed of stuffs she bought with her parents’s money, she can easily get things that i want without any effort, just bcs we have different parents, different environment.

I have a dream, of course i do. And im currently working hard to achieve those dreams.

But i cant help i have a fragile heart. Its a mix feelings of envious and jealousy. It just makes me uneasy, thinking what i have been doing all this time. Why did they get things they want earlier than me.  Why it seems like they are running but im walking and still getting nowhere.

Its difficult to convince myself. That Allah has a plan. A plan that far greater than i can imagine. Stop worrying, stop stressing, stop overthinking, and trust Him. A sentence that easy to write but difficult to do.

Im so done with my home or newsfeed or whatever it called. Facebook is not good for my psychological condition anymore. Yet i havent mentioned how many people complain everyday. There are too many negative energy from it. Cant they share things like encouragement quotes, informative news, funny quotes, spreading positive energy or something that can make people smile instead?


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