HBD temen berantem <3


2 days ago was Caca’s birthday. Time does fly, we have already been friends for 2,5 years and it was our 3rd times we celebrated her birthday together. Sorry for the inconvenience, very ordinary, and failed surprise. Though we always fight, bicker,  debate, and tease each other everyday, and we never say it forward, you know how much we love you right? Though we have so many bad points, bad habit, and many things that are bad, thank you for endure it and accept who we are. Thank you for being the mood-maker and always makes us laugh out loud everyday, there is noone can replace you 😀

wish you all the best in your life, more mature, more beautiful, long last with Wikan, stay healthy, stay young and stay cooollll stay blessed and happy everyday !!!! we love youuuuuuuuuuuu

Camera 360Camera 360


Hope our friendship stays forever, i love u guys !!

Camera 360




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